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Jon Cruttenden Photography

An award-winning professional photographer with a genuine passion for taking pictures covering a broad spectrum of subject matter. Always able to rise to a new challenge, Jon is willing and able to turn his camera to a diverse range of different disciplines with equal enthusiasm and professionalism.

An introduction to Adobe Lightroom 

This is a follow-up course written in the same easy-to-understand language as the One-to-one photography course.  It is intended as a logical follow-on to the existing course and is specifically aimed at photographers shooting RAW. This is the best way to preserve all the image information captured by your camera's sensor - JPEG compression discards vital image data which is then lost forever.

Lightroom is the preferred tool of professional photographers shooting everything from weddings to Fine Art - and it's much easier to use than PS.

This course will guide you through a logical, step-by-step workflow - from import, through the develop module, to export of the finished images ready for printing or publishing.

If you've been scratching your head trying to get to grips with editing software and want to find a better workflow, Adobe Lightroom - and this course are the ideal solution.